Reunion 2022 – Update #3 – The Book

Based on general support for the idea, a 50 Year Reunion book will be produced. Tony McKenna, perhaps forgetting at least one of the lessons from RMC, has volunteered to coordinate the production of the book to celebrate our 50 year mark, with the central planning team taking on the role as editors on the basis that its easier for a committee to justify any changes than an individual!

We will continue to explore the format of the final version: ebook, pdf, print, etc and the costs, if any.

We have some very basic guidelines:

  • I know that this guideline is unnecessary, but I do want it to be quite clear from the start: the book is a celebration of our time, not a chance to even scores. It is appropriate to recall some of the hard times, but you are asked to keep such recollections fairly generic and not to traduce any particular individual.
  • The individual pages (see the attachment) should be no more than one page. 
    • These pages allow for the story of each person to be told in the full, rather than just military highlights, which of course particularly applies to those who pursued other careers. 
  • Anecdotes need to involve as much of the class as possible rather than just personal ones: Point Hut is an obvious one, perhaps Camp Training over 4 years, some contact with characters such as Norm or Rollo, 100 days to go in 1969, Araluen in 1972 etc..
    • Some individuals are likely to be asked to write an anecdote on particular topics/events: for example Tom Cobley, Pat Cullinan and Chris Jones have written of their time at RMC as part of broader works. 

We are looking to start collecting anecdotes now, so please start thinking and writing. If you have an idea for an anecdote, perhaps run it past Tony so that he can deconflict if there are several offerings on the same story.

We’ll call for your individual pages next year.

Please send any offerings or thoughts to both these email addresses: and

2 thoughts on “Reunion 2022 – Update #3 – The Book

  1. ‘Traduce’? Ha ha ha. Nothing better as a means to pass the time on strict lockdown in Saigon.

    Better explain the meaning to the Ginger Beers,

    Looks excellent. Cheers, Jab.


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