Stew Snell Podcast

I have now listened to the podcast and it brought back memories of both RMC and Stew – and just what a nice guy he was.

I had problems getting it to open on my desktop computer – the podcast wanted me to download Spotify, and my computer (iMac) didn’t want to!

I had Spotify on an iPad and had no trouble listening to it on that device. There was also a link in the podcast front page to the ABC Four Corners article from 1970 – I watched that too and even recognised some very young faces.

One thought on “Stew Snell Podcast

  1. When I was in Gallipoli in 3rd Class with Stew on bottom floor A61. We used to constantly go AWOL. It’s when Stew met his wife. Boy did we share some times on the Square.
    As West Aussies Stew and I also got a free RAAF flight back to Perth. They were tough days for West Aussies so far from home.
    Thanks to great mates like the Trace, Gibbo, Tom Cobley etc I was able to get by during mid year leave breaks.
    Mates Forever! Jabber


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