Reunion Update #6

Dear Classmates,

Thank you for your responses so far. We’d like to stress that the reunion is intended to embrace everyone who was on the journey with us at any time over those College years. You are all welcome, indeed urged, to come together to share and reminisce about that formative time and what you’ve done since, irrespective of where life may have taken you after RMC. You are ‘Mates for Ever’.

Contributions to ‘The Book’ are progressing, but there are some gaps. We want the book to cover, as far as is practicable, all 114 who are part of our cohort. So please get your pens and photo albums out if you haven’t already done so! If you want guidance on what we’re looking for please contact Tony McKenna at

Planning for the Reunion in December is progressing well, with a deposit paid to the Rex (thanks to those who have already paid up) and detailed discussions opened with RMC Protocol regarding our visit to RMC on Monday and the Parade on Tuesday morning.

So far, we’ve had over 30 classmates commit by paying their deposit, but we know that quite a few more have indicated that you’ll be attending. It would be of great help if you slackers got organised and let us know if you are coming and which activities you’ll be taking part in, by completing the attached form and returning it to me. Your deposit of $50 deposit into Kym’s holiday account would also be appreciated ( BSB: 06 2692 Acct No: 4995 6261 Name: Reunion). We understand that overseas classmates may experience additional costs transferring money, so we’d be happy to accept just a single payment from you later when we call for final payments.

We’ll be distributing some notes in early November to answer as many admin questions as possible, but if you think of anything that you’d specifically like us to cover in those notes, please let us know.

Attached is a table showing what is planned (it’s in lieu of an Admin Instruction!)

Keep safe everyone, 

Steve, Kym, Warwick and David

PS. Rod Allan produced a video for the 30th anniversary reunion. He updated it to DVD for the 40th reunion and it is now viewable on the website in preparation for the 50th anniversary reunion. Have a look and re-live some of your long distant past and of course Van Morrison’s music. Check it out at

One thought on “Reunion Update #6

  1. Hi Guys. I resend this since you missed my past in reply to your email below.

    Slackers? Ha ha. It’s the other way around!

    What ‘attached form’? I only see a draft program and Rods’ music. Nevertheless, as always, I soldier on regardless.

    I have been locked out of WA for 2.5 years in Vietnam due to that wart, McGowen. However, if you have to be locked out of your country, Vietnam is the place to be!

    Is the deposit of $50 for each person or for couples? You don’t say. Are those costs stated per person or for couples? Once again you slackers don’t say. Regardless, today I paid $50 deposit to the indicated account. Please let me know if more is required.

    My partner, Mdm Nguyen Thi Huan (see recent pic attached), and I will attend the events on Friday, Saturday and Monday. I’m working on Mdm Huan’s visa now. Not easy, though she has travelled the world and been to Oz a number of times already. Such is the immigration bureaucracy.

    Thanks for organising things guys. I really appreciate this.

    PS. Please let me know if you received this email and payment.

    Cheers, C.

    Chris Jones
    Australia: 61 (0) 477677853 Vietnam: 84 (0) 903977971
    Email: Skype: zip_zipper75


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