Presentation of New Colours by Her Majesty in1970

Her Majesty’s Platinum Jubilee has seen much celebration and cause for reflection around the world of late. In April 1970 she presented new colours as we paraded for her after much practice and preparation. I thought this memo might be of interest. The copy I have was lying in a pile on the billiard table in the rec room as I recall. See the full size here

You can also see video of the royal visit to Duntroon on the website – go to the Audio/Video menu. If anyone has other bits of memorabilia that they’d like to share, please let me know.

John Elphinston

One thought on “Presentation of New Colours by Her Majesty in1970

  1. I remember the Queen’s visit very well, thanks Elph. I have a photo of me alongside Paddy with the Queen, after shaking hands with HRH and Phil, at the garden party in the grounds of Duntroon House. Taken by my mother who was covering the Queens tour as a journalist. It hangs on the wall of my study – I don’t have a pool room. Bring on the Republic, Albo – the Royals have wondered why we haven’t made the move.


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