Reunion Update #7

We are receiving occasional requests for further information or clarification on the reunion activities. Please keep them coming: they help to focus our minds. And if you have any suggestions they are likewise welcome: whether they get up is another matter!

So, some clarification.

Friday Drinks. All of the planned events are open to classmates and partners. You may recall that partners did attend the 40th anniversary Friday night drinks at Olims. That said, partners may wish to relax privately before the Cocktail drinks on Saturday night. The Class of 1971 had a truncated celebration last year due to COVID and are planning to try again this year. We are following up with them to see what they are planning, what their interest is in joining us and what might be possible. There will, of course, be opportunities after the Parade at MT.

Saturday Drinks. This activity covers four hours with food staggered over the first two hours. I’m sure none of the Artists have forgotten their finely honed TOC racing skills! You are of course welcome to continue the socialisation at own expense/arrangements afterwards. 

Monday Dinner. At this stage, no external guests have been invited. Suggestions would be welcome. The planning team intends to contact Norm, both to invite him to attend and to get a bio for the book.

The structure and timing for the dinner are still under early consideration, including an MC. We are conscious that the role of an MC should not inhibit anyone’s enjoyment of the evening, so we are looking at options. In the interim, suggestions for anecdotes, entertainment etc would be best forwarded to any of the members of RAPT.  We may have to impose some censorship on the more insalubrious anecdotes.  We will look to put together a playlist of songs from that era – Rod Allan has ‘volunteered’!.

The Book. We have sighted the books produced by the Classes of 1969 and 1971 – indeed links to both are on our website if you haven’t seen them. We are hoping that bio pages for all 113 of our cohort are included, including those deceased: this project is for everyone who was with us on that journey, no matter what paths were taken.

Production and distribution of the book will depend on finalising contributions: those of you who have not yet sent in your page might care to get a wriggle on! It will be available by the reunion at the latest. The view of the RAPT is that it should be out before the reunion – if only in ebook form – to allow us to do some pre-study/preparation (this will be a novel experience for a couple of the Artists).

Memorabilia. A sample of the stemless wine glasses has been received and will be critiqued at the Canberra lunch on the 28 June. Anyone passing through Canberra from the regions is welcome to take one back to get other opinions. Steve Jones is also following up on costings for a cap with logo and embroidery – more to follow. Apologies for the quality, but a photo of the prototype wine glass is below.

PS. Recently came across an interview of Norm Goldspink on the AWM website n- well worth listening to, although there is very little mention of his RMC time. We are following up a possible interview with him about that era. See

5 thoughts on “Reunion Update #7

    • Hi Bill,
      Tony McKenna is the collator/producer of the book. His latest spreadsheet has a note that yours is a reprint of the 1971 book. If you want to edit or replace that let him know. David


  1. Rae and I intend to arrive ACT on the Saturday for that Activity and head off on Wednesday morning.

    Looking forward to the gathering.

    Cheers Bob

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  2. The wine glass looks terrific. I, for one, would like to buy a dozen. That should last Jan & me I think even with the occasional clumsy and tipsy guest! 🙂
    Thanks everyone for what you are doing to make this occasion such a lovely experience for all. It is very much appreciated.


    • Hi Kev,
      Hope you’ve recovered from your political and flood experiences – a lot so far this year! I’ll put out for expressions of interest shortly – that will give me an idea of the cost per item: obviously the unit cost goes down the more we order.


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