Defence Reparations Scheme

If you are intending or even just thinking of lodging a claim under the Defence Reparations Scheme, please be aware that payments under this scheme will end for newly reported cases at midnight 30 June 2022. To remain eligible for a reparation payment, you must contact the Ombudsman’s Office by 30 June 2022 and either:

  • submit a report of the abuse you experienced in Defence
  • provide written notification that you intend to submit a report of abuse, which you must then submit by 30 June 2023.

For more information see

Pete McCann has repeated his offer from January 2019 to provide assistance to anyone who is considering making an application. However, due to the sensitive and confidential nature of his submission, that understandably won’t be made publicly available.

One thought on “Defence Reparations Scheme

  1. Berry.

    At a Class Reunion at Point Hut, I suggested to all that we as a Class submit an abuse claim. What we suffered was utter nonsense. No one I know, other than Leper seemed interested.

    I submitted a claim base on physical, verbal, and sexual abuse re humiliation re bathroom sessions etc. I was awarded $50K. I thought this was too low by far for what we suffered, but it was the max cap rate.

    I then did some research and found that the ACT had removed the statutory time limit on its sexual abuse laws for minors. (I was 17 when I entered RMC). I therefore lodged a claim through Defence not the ombudsman. I was awarded another $10K. (I turned 18 in April 69. I am currently disputing this low amount, but I think it’s over.
    No one screws with my life without facing consequences, mate. Cheers Jabber.


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