Kevin Hindle

Kevin’s daughter Georgia Tompson has advised that he was diagnosed with cancer 12 weeks ago – he was without any symptoms whatsoever. She states that he may have only days left.

The type of cancer is not stated but I am pretty sure it is bowel: Georgia urges “please make sure everyone is getting their regular health checks. So sad to know this could have been avoided with an earlier routine colonoscopy.”

6 thoughts on “Kevin Hindle

  1. Sad. A supremely learned man and a talented musician. Too random for the Army . I’ll never forget Camp Training in 4th class when he had us all standing to multiple times firing at imaginary enemy on the wire.


  2. @#$%%$WT%T^!!!!!!!!!
    ‘Hindle’ (as we all knew and loved that absolute genius) left a lasting memory on me from 4th and 3rd class – also from the selection board when he dropped all the planks in the river after rushing alone to complete the task without any team consultation. It was a sign of things to come, The Sac was there too. He may remember this.
    When I spoke about the difference between Rugby League and Union, Hindle spoke about the power of the Socialist unions!
    I have some great memories as a West Aussie who couldn’t return home until year end, staying at Hindle’s place in Sydney (among many others throughout the 4 years) and meeting his excellent parents. His father was a Bookie.
    Rowan will remember the good times Hindle, he, and I had during the Easter Bunny camp, including sneaking off to buy beer.
    Leper will recall the band, the annual Review Shows, and Hindle’s ‘Schoder Club’, ha ha.
    An eccentric genius if ever there was one. So very sorry to hear this news.
    Berry, if you can, please pass on my fond memories. ‘Mates Forever’. Jabber.


  3. Sad to hear the news. Best wishes to Kevin and his family.
    Having lost both parents and a sister to bowel cancer I can only strongly endorse the call to have regular checks.


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