Reunion Update #9

The year is rolling on inexorably and our 50 year reunion is fast approaching.

The structure of the reunion is pretty much unchanged but we are now starting to flesh out the detail.

Memorabilia orders are being finalised and will be placed soon. We plan to send the glasses to three locations for distribution Sydney, Brisbane and Canberra. Unfortunately the freight costs don’t warrant sending smaller batches. Peter Martyn, Maurie Meecham and David Cran will be the ‘distributors for those three locations, and the latter will hold all other glasses for the other recipients. Somehow they’ll get to you!

Once we have firm quotes we’ll let you know the total cost (ie glasses and caps) for transfer of funds to Kym MacMillan’s Bahamas Holiday Account.

Now to the nitty gritty. We have called previously for your intentions about attending the various planned events, which confirmed viability.  We would now like you to let us know more definitely your intentions, but understanding that there may be some details to be sorted out. To that end could you please advise to whether you are Definitely coming, are a Strong Possibility or a definite No to each of these three events: Saturday Night Drinks, Monday Night Dinner and Graduation Parade?  It is important that you include whether you will be accompanied by a partner.  Please respond even if you have paid a deposit (or more).

On funding, we will not be calling for more payments to cover the Drinks or Dinner until probably late October/early November.

2 thoughts on “Reunion Update #9

  1. Thanks David,

    Our return as follows (definitely coming): Saturday Night Drinks – Brian only Monday Night Dinner – Brian and Joanne Grad Parade – Brian and Joanne

    Kind regards, Brian


  2. Hi David, Betty and I will definitely go to the drinks and the dinner. I will go to the parade solo. Cheers Urq

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