Tom and Pat’s Araluen Plan – Come join us

Tom, Pat and their wives Margo and Sharon will meet at the Araluen Hotel midday on Thurs 08 Dec ’22 for lunch at 1230 Hrs followed by drinks and coffee. We will go in one car departing Canberra at 1030 on 08 Dec and return to Canberra by 1800hrs same day.

Classmates, family and friends are very welcome to join us

Some relevant comments;

  • Araluen Hotel Webpage. Put Araluen Hotel, Araluen NSW into your web browser. Looking at the Araluen Hotel webpage (the Hotel now sometimes called the Araluen Valley Hotel), looks the same as it did 50 years ago. (This is not a criticism, just a comment). The webpage is worth a glance to get a general idea of the Hotel today. It would appear to be a good place to have a meal and a beer or three.
  • Driving Canberra (RMC Duntroon) to Araluen (via Braidwood) is approx. 115 km and takes about one and a half hours each way. The road is bitumen all the way with a pretty steep descent into Araluen (from Canberra). (Numerous roads from Araluen to other places such as Moruya are dirt).
  • Opening hours. The hotel opens midday Wed to Sun (inclusive). Lunches are from 12 to 2pm and Dinner 6 to 8pm. The Hotel is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays.
  • Norm is the Hotel Manager (02) 4846 4023. I rang Norm the other day and said that a number of us were looking at coming to the Hotel on 8 Dec. Norm said that he has put 12 of us ‘in the book’ for lunch but said that bookings are ‘first in best dressed’ and required a 50 % deposit (which I think mainly referred to accommodation bookings). He said that due to a constantly changing Menu, he couldn’t send one now but could nearer the date.
  • Accommodation. 10 rooms being a mix of single, double and family. A free continental breakfast is provided to all lodgers. Book ASAP if required.

Sooooo, we’d love anyone interested to join us for lunch at Araluen Hotel on Thurs 08 Dec noting the following;

  • Transport to and from the Araluen Hotel is own means, 
  • Accommodation if required is a personal responsibility (please ring Norm on 02-4846 4023), and finally, if coming please
  • Contact Pat Cullinan (details below) by 31 Oct 2022. As Tom is overseas and I am in Canberra, I’m acting as the Araluen POC. In November, I will do final checks with Norm, discuss pooling of vehicles if applicable and send out Menus etc. 

If only Tom and I from the Class are there, we won’t sulk, but rather, we will raise a glass to all those who were here in the pub with us 50 years ago. 

Regards to all,


0457 888 707.

6 thoughts on “Tom and Pat’s Araluen Plan – Come join us

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  2. Lunch at the Araluen Pub sounds great but the date does not suit some of the out of Canberra classmates. We are thinking of doing it on the following Thursday 15 Dec 2022. So anyone who wants to join us a week later will also be welcome


    • Hi Graham,
      That’s fine of course, but I’ll stick with the Thurs 08 Dec plan as POC. In November, I will review numbers etc. and advise Norm at the pub etc. Graham, you can be the POC for the Thurs 15 Dec plan. All good.


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