Reunion Update #10

Our 50 year reunion is fast approaching – we are well within 100 days to go!

Notification of Attendance

Thank you for previously providing an indicative intention to attend events, as this has helped our planning.  We now need you to let us know more definitely your intentions as we are starting to finalise bookings.

To that end could you please advise by Friday 7 October to whether you are Definitely coming to each of these four events: Saturday Night Drinks, Sunday lunch at the Arboretum, Monday Night Dinner and Graduation Parade?  It is important that you include whether you will be accompanied by a partner.  

We are asking if you wish to attend lunch at the Arboretum on the Sunday because numbers will determine whether we seek a booking, or just take pot luck if the numbers are small. 

Drinks and Dinner

We are now calling for final payments to cover the Drinks and/or Dinner to be made by 28 October. The total cost is $130 per head for the dinner, and $30 per head for the drinks – a total of $160 per head if you are attending both.  

Note that the Drinks includes canapes from 1830 until 2230, with drinks bought individually over the bar while the dinner includes a drinks package and a three-course meal from 1830 until 2230. 

We are now asking for full payment of any outstanding amounts by Friday 28 October.

Please transfer funds to Kym MacMillan’s Bahamas Holiday Account. Bank details are as follows: BSB: 06 2692    Acct No:  4995 6261    Name:   Reunion     Please clearly identify your deposit with your name.   For overseas classmates, we are happy for you to hold off on remitting your amount if that is an easier option: just let Kym know (


Memorabilia orders have been placed with the glasses to be sent to three locations for distribution: Sydney, Brisbane and Canberra. Peter Martyn, Maurie Meecham and David Cran will be the ‘distributors for those three locations, and the latter will hold all other glasses for the other recipients. For those who have ordered a cap and aren’t attending, we will post it to you.

If you’ve made an order and haven’t already done so, please transfer funds as soon as possible to Kym MacMillan’s Bahamas Holiday Account, details as above. 


A proposal for a ‘Back to Araluen’ event has been made, but will not be centrally coordinated. Pat Cullinan has offered to be the POC/organiser for this, so if you’re interested, contact him – his details are on the website at

Church Service  

Contact has been made with an RMC Chaplain about the Graduation Church Service, but no detail as yet. 

College Tour 

Planning for the College tour on the Monday morning are well under way, and a brief on the current training program has been requested – should be interesting to see what has changed: and what hasn’t.  The museum is currently quite small and very generic, so will not take a long time to visit: unless you become engrossed in your file! Please let us know if you’d like access to your file at

Other Events

If you would care to organise other events (golf, shopping, Canberra attractions tours etc), please let us know and we’ll pass on the information to the classmates.

Steve Jones has put his hand up to organise golf on the Monday (noting that it will need to fit in between the RMC tour and the dinner!)


A more detailed program of all events will be published in due course.


Work on the book is proceeding. We plan to distribute the ebook version prior to the reunion, and (fingers crossed) have the hard copy available at the event. The cost for the book will be advised, and orders sought, in due course.


Please advise (and action as applicable) by 7 October the following:

  • Attendance of you (and partner if applicable) at Saturday Drinks and/or Monday Dinner.
  • Attendance of you (and partner if applicable) at the Graduation Parade.
  • Attendance (and partner if applicable) at Arboretum on Sunday.
  • Do you wish to view or have a copy of your RMC personal file? 

Please make payment of outstanding amounts for Drinks and Dinner by 28 October. For any queries of outstanding amounts contact Kym at

9 thoughts on “Reunion Update #10

  1. Hi David,

    Thanks for the work pulling together the reunion.

    Sue and I are currently on a 16 week road trip from Cape Byron, to Steep Point WA via Boulia, Alice Springs, Docker River and Laverton WA. I packed a suit and tie expecting to be able to comfortably reach RMC by the due date on the return leg.

    Unfortunately our departure from home at Manly NSW was delayed by several weeks, and we have lost another couple of weeks in Alice waiting on parts for a wheel bearing and brake unit for replacement on one of our van wheels.

    Consequently, I can’t commit to attending the reunion. If we can make it we will try to join one of the less formal events you are organising so as not to upset your forward planning.

    Best wishes


    • Hi Lindsay,
      Thanks for letting us know. When you have a better idea of your timetable get back to us – I’m sure there will be plenty of opportunities to catch up. David


  2. Attention: if you paid a deposit earlier this year, please take that into account when making your final payment. ie, if 2 of you are attending both costed functions (drinks and dinner), its $160 x 2 or $320, less $50 if you paid a deposit, meaning I’m expecting $270 from most of you!!


  3. Hi David, Caroline and I will attend Saturday drinks, Monday dinner and Tuesday parade. I will attend the RMC tour on Monday and would like to take away a copy of my file. Cheers, Geoff.

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