Reminder! Due Date today.

A reminder for you to please advise by Friday 7 October to whether you are Definitely coming to each of these four events: Saturday Night Drinks, Sunday lunch at the Arboretum, Monday Night Dinner and Graduation Parade?  It is important that you include whether you will be accompanied by a partner.  

18 thoughts on “Reminder! Due Date today.

  1. Hi David, Could you please include Elizabeth and me to attend Drinks on Saturday and Lunch on Sunday.

    Sorry for yet another late return.

    Regards Geoff



  2. Hi Dave,

    Just checking I got back to you in time.

    I will be attending 3 events on Sat pm, Sunday lunch, and Mon dinner.

    Have to be back at work on Tues so will miss the Parade.
    I will be unaccompanied, as my Debbie is looking after the workshop for me in my absence on Mon.

    Hope things are going well for you and looking forward to a good ‘reuniting’.

    Kind regards
    Alan McMurran


  3. Dear David, Thank you for your reminder and the ongoing effort of the team – very much appreciated. Our return is as follows (definitely coming): a.. Saturday Night Drinks – Brian and Joanne. b.. Monday Night Dinner – Brian and Joanne. c.. Grad Parade – Brian and Joanne (no special dietary requirements). In addition, I would like to access my RMC file and if possible to obtain a copy. Trust you are both well. Kind regards, Brian


  4. Hi reunion team,

    Sadly I will I will not be able to attend.

    I look forward to the book, the pictures and any commentary.

    Best regards

    Frank Edwards

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  5. Hi Dave

    Please book Rosanne and myself in for Saturday Drinks, Sunday Lunch and the Monday Dinner.


    John Croxson

    Freecall 1800 672 933
    Direct 0411 40 55 40
    W JB Hunter
    W JBHXR http://www.jbhxr.io
    W JB Hunter Academy


    This email may contain confidential information. If I have sent it to you in error, please delete it immediately.


  6. David,

    Sorry that I won’t be able to attend our 50th Anniversary get together. Could you please let me know how I can redeem the two caps which I ordered for my grandsons in London?

    Regards, David Goggin

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    • Hi Dave, Sorry we’ll miss you but hopefully can catch up in Sydney some time. If you haven’t already done so, pay Kym MacMillan via the details on the previous posts on the website (Bank details are as follows: BSB: 06 2692 Acct No: 4995 6261 Name: Reunion Please clearly identify your deposit with your name.) Caps are $20 each, and the glasses (you ordered 4) are $8 each – for a total of $72. Peter Martyn will have your glasses and arrange to get them to you.


  7. Hi Dave Just confirm that I’m unable to be in Canberra for the reunion, therefore I’m a definite NO for the various functions Cheers Ross Dickens

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  8. Dear David,

    Thanks for the reminder.

    This is confirmation that I will be attending the following:

    Saturday drinks. Rod + 1 * Monday dinner. Rod + 1 * Grad parade. Rod + 1 * Arboretum. Rod + 1 * I might as well have a copy of my file. I’m sure it’s quite short!

    Best, Rod


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