One thought on “Some More for the Rugby players

  1. Great post. Thanks for this. After all these years I remember this game well. I see I get two mentions for scoring a try. Hmm. I recall this in detail too. I would have scored another if I hadn’t been ankle tapped just before line.

    It was a tough game. I still remember Boofhead saying in relief after I scored that try after gatheriing the ball on North’s 25m line: Geat try, Jabber, I’ll neve say anything against you again.’ Hmm. That left me wondering.

    I have a pretty good memory and can clearly remember growing up in Earls Court in London when I was 2-3 yeas old in 1952-53 like it was yesterday.

    I remember a North front rower running for our line with the ball and Al McMurran shouting: ‘Get him Jabber!’ As a breakaway I easily ran that front rower down and ‘got him’, ha ha. During a scrum his mate tried to whack me. I still feel the wind of his huge punch as it whistled by. Memories.

    Cheers, Jab.


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