COVID Strikes

I’m very sorry to have to pass on that I tested positive to COVID today, after a PCR this morning. The symptoms appeared yesterday afternoon, so I hope that I wasn’t infectious during our reunion activities.

So if symptoms appear, please get checked quickly.


16 thoughts on “COVID Strikes

  1. Hi Berry

    Get well soon, mate.
    On behalf of Huan and I, thank you and the Reunion Committee very much for all your hard work in organising this very successful
    reunion and book.
    Cheers, Jabber.


  2. Hi all,
    For your info, Joan has now tested positive too.
    About to take her first Anti- Virals. I’be been on them since yesterday and find they quickly have a good effect. Good luck all,


  3. Sorry to hear this Dave. I recommend antiviral lageviro even if a few days later than desirable. I hope you recover quickly. You did a magnificent job with the Reunion. I will remember it for a very long time. Regards Norts and Hilda


  4. Hi All,
    I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to all of the organisers for a wonderful, smooth and well organised reunion. I realise it involved a lot of work and time to make something run smoothly over the period of time, venues and activities, including glasses, caps and book. Without” cherry picking” people ( a little Young joke), I would like to specifically mention John MacNamara for the Monday night, Tony McKenna for the compilation and production of the book, David Cran for his filming and making coverage available for those not able to be there and for posterity and for Elph for our web site, which is a wonderful class asset.
    Meeting so many of our class and thinking of those not there and those who have died, was an amazing experience when they had such a major influence on my and our transition to adulthood.
    We, the class of 72, have set the standard for cameradie and support due to the efforts of our own.
    Thank you.
    Mates Forever
    Chris Gibson


  5. Sorry to hear that David.
    I hope it’s only a minor issue and wish you you a speedy recovery.
    Take care and thanks for yours and the teams efforts.
    I’m enjoying the sun and pool in Hervey Bay.


  6. Dear David, Thanks for letting us all know. Take care and do make a full recovery. Hope Trish doesn’t follow suit. Kind  regards and blessings. Brian and Joanne 


  7. Hi Dave, Sorry to hear that you have been stricken.  I hope it is a milder version and you recover quickly.

    It is hard to adequately express our thanks for your efforts over the past months.  The reunion was an outstanding success and the co-ordination and administration appeared seamless.  No doubt there was lots of hard paddling below the surface, but the waters looked smooth.  In addition to the get-togethers, the ideas for the glasses, caps and bios was outstandingly successfull.  And zooming / recording!  It was a pity that you probably spent more time getting around with the camera than justifiably enjoying yourself, but it was certainly appreciated by all.  Well done and thanks.  Get better soon. regards Garry


  8. Thanks for your advice. I think I refrained from embracing you (not others).

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  9. Oh dear. I have enjoyed following the reunion events and hope you are well soon . Must be a Canberra thing. Our son was struck for the first time the day before his removal (via the Gold Coast) to Darwin . Regards Huggo

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  10. Lucky you weren’t moving around the dining room all night David. Ha ha, hope you are well and Trish doesn’t get it. Thanks once again for all you did for the reunion. I certainly appreciated and I’m sure every one felt the same. Best wishes for Christmas and the year ahead. Chris and Sue

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  11. Dave
    Some good news.

    Firstly the PCR test is unable to discriminate between live viral particles and dead ones. So you may not have COVID-19. It may even be that S Protein generated by Anti-COVID injections might trigger a positive result. Lastly, the numpties in Australia (and in most Western countries) drive the PCR way beyond 25 amplifications and so false positives are quite common.
    To learn more you should visit my webpage at

    If you are suffering badly, the best treatment for this disease is Ivermectin (400micrograms/kg body mass daily), Doxycycline (100mg daily), Zinc Glycinate(50mg daily), Aspirin(300mg daily) and Vitamin C(1,000mg daily), Vitamin D3 (4,000IU daily). If you have a tame doctor, you could ask him/her for a prescription.

    Good luck mate.


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