Thank you to a Class with Class

The 50th anniversary of the graduation year of the Class of 1969 – 1972 is over. And what a celebration it was over six days! Needless to say, the success of the event was a team effort, not just in the planning but in the execution. 

The planning team – all volunteers despite the benefit of sound advice and experience to the contrary – could not have put together and delivered the program without significant help from many. We have been more than adequately thanked for our efforts: we would like to record our heartfelt thanks to:

  • Tony McKenna for ‘The Book’;
  • Paddy Cullinan, for picking up and organizing the ‘Return to Araluen’;
  • Brian Chalmers for preparing the Memorial Service and then delivering it. Thanks also to Rowan Tracey for his contribution to the Service;
  • John McNamara for his detailed planning and then smooth conducting of our Monday night dinner, and for his segment of ‘This is your life’;
  • John’s interviewees: Jon Mander-Jones, Tony McLeod, Geoff Hay and Brenda Elliott;
  • Paddy Ryan for his perspicacious and humorous interviews of some of our Class characters; 
  • Paddy’s interlocutors Tom Cobley, Pat Cullinan, Don Muirhead and Jan Loughrey; and 
  • The presenters of the toasts: Brian Chalmers, Rowan Tracey, Peter Teys and Maurie Meecham.

A ‘Thank you’ has been sent to RMC Protocol, Bob Crawshaw, representing the RMC Tour guides, the RMC Museum Manager, and the events manager at The Rex.

And lastly, a sincere Thank You to all who attended the anniversary celebrations – classmates and partners. Without doubt it was the manner in which all participated that made the program enjoyable for all and therefore special. Indeed a ‘Class with class.’

Mates forever

Steve, Warwick, Kym and David

5 thoughts on “Thank you to a Class with Class

  1. Great summation Dave,

    There is still much to thank you and the committee for. It was a really important moment in our lives and it needed to be organised well – and it was. I mentioned us being in the 7th Age of our lives (Shakespeare) . Not sure whether everybody got it.

    We are all in debt to you. Many thanks,



  2. As with the organizing, so with the postscript. Very well done indeed by all who volunteered (or otherwise) to participate in putting the show together. To gather a group so scattered and to coordinate so seamlessly such a series of events indeed displays real “class”. And to think that 3-Jack were liberally in the mix makes it all the more a wonder to behold. Well done. Postscript: I too brought home a non-friend, Covid; I pen this from the splendor of isolation. Oh joy


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