Commonwealth Seniors Health card

Have received some good advice from Peter Jenke about the Commonwealth Seniors Health card. He noted ‘that in November just gone, the eligibility earnings limits for the Comm Seniors Health Card were raised significantly.  For a couple, the limit is now $144,000 pa.  Because deeming rates are used in any calculation, a lot of self-funded retirees may now be eligible and thus able to save quite a bit, particularly in relation to their pharmacy bills.  Other benefits vary state by state.’

He further noted that the application can be ‘a bit of a bugger’ to complete – depending on individual circumstances and that if you have a SMSF that does complicate the process some.

Anyway, it would be worth your while to check it out. As a starting point go to

2 thoughts on “Commonwealth Seniors Health card

  1. Geoff, we submitted both our applications on-line. Kerry’s was quite straight-forward, mine caused a few issues, primarily in relation to our SMSF. We did not need to submit Birth Certificates. Regardless, the two cards arrived today.


  2. Requires birth certificates, tax statements and superannuation statements from your provider for each of you. Caroline and I completed paper application (1 doco) and submitted by appointment with Social Services – very efficient and avoids the IT pitfalls. Cheers, Geoff.


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