Commonwealth Seniors Health card

Have received some good advice from Peter Jenke about the Commonwealth Seniors Health card. He noted ‘that in November just gone, the eligibility earnings limits for the Comm Seniors Health Card were raised significantly.  For a couple, the limit is now $144,000 pa.  Because deeming rates are used in any calculation, a lot of self-funded retirees may now be eligible and thus able to save quite a bit, particularly in relation to their pharmacy bills.  Other benefits vary state by state.’

He further noted that the application can be ‘a bit of a bugger’ to complete – depending on individual circumstances and that if you have a SMSF that does complicate the process some.

Anyway, it would be worth your while to check it out. As a starting point go to

Probable email hack

Several folk have received an email purporting to be from Tom Cobley, titled “reaching out’ and reading something like:

“Hi, I hope this email finds you well. Could you please email me back? I need a favor from you. Thanks,


As this is probably some sort of hack or scam, I suggest you leave this well alone. I have emailed Tom to alert him.



Seems like some are having trouble accessing the photos.

There is not meant to be a link between my post and the photos. The post alerts you to a bulk upload of photos and you have to find them yourselves.

To do that go to the Gallery menu tab and pick any of the menu tabs under it depending what you want.

For the Fourth Class tab, there are no photos under the root level – there are about 6 or 7 sub menus under the Fourth Class tab and that is where those photos are. The sub menus will appear to the right, the left or underneath, the Fourth Class menu tab, depending on what sort of computer/ipad/phone device you are using.

I hope this helps – if not let me know. Cheers

More Photos

Thanks to Maurie Meecham for 30 or so photos. Some are better copies of previous ones, but most are new ones. Not surprisingly, there is an emphasis on Gallipoli Company, rugby and athletics. And of course the odd party shot.

They are spread over the appropriate menu headings as best I can but if they are in the wrong spot, please someone let me know.

There’s a New Menu Page on the Website

A new menu item has been added to our website. It is a page of miscellaneous memorabilia and documentation from 1969 – ’72. Thanks very much to those who have contributed and hopefully it may remind others of a photo, doco or whatever that you may have lying around that you may want to share. If anyone needs a hand to scan things, just give me a call.

You’ll find it under Gallery – down near the bottom – called Doco and Memorabilia . .

Oh, and by the way – is anyone else bringing a special tipple to the Reunion??

John Elph

Photos in The Gallery

Keen followers will have noticed that the Gallery has changed a bit. We now have a significantly greater number of photos thanks to some hefty contributions from Graham Huggins, Rod Allan and others, so the 4th Class menu has been split into sub menus to hopefully make it easier to find photos.

But, my memory is pretty hopeless about what year things took place, particularly the field bits – perhaps I was asleep! So if anyone would like to let me know what photos to move to their correct homes, I’m happy to do so – just tell me what to move and where to.