How Times Change . . .

Back in the day, many people of our parent’s vintage were very comfortable in their view of the world.

The war was over, the country seemed to prospering and there was plenty of technological changes coming out of the USA. Everyone seemed to be getting on with living and raising families.

What was very clear in people’s minds was what their roles in society were – to work and earn a living, to make a home and to raise children. Included in this was the clear understanding of what a housewife was . . . . . as best illustrated below.

The traditional mid century housewife

But little did our families know that within the Army there was a quiet revolution going on. The Army knew best; the Army would decide who did what and more importantly what they were to be referred to as. Roles were redefined, and old norms were no longer the case.

The most telling of all was to be told

. . . .

that’s not a housewife,

this is a


2 thoughts on “How Times Change . . .

  1. Dear Elf,

    Very impressed that you still have it, but have you ever used it?

    A better souvenir of those times than mine – a compass pouch!

    Best, Rod


  2. Thanks John – brings back memories.  At least that version was functional.  Later in my career I needed a housewife and bought one (I think from RMC store).  It was a black plastic cylinder about 10cm long and 3 in cm diameter with a screw lid.  Inside was a collection of buttons that were clearly just an emergency fix as they couldn’t be sewed on.  They consisted of a circular plastic bit with a short spear that was poked through the shirt from the inside and a plastic button with a hole that snapped onto the spear.  The only button colour was white and the cotton supplied was black and white. Only Navy or cooks might have found it of limited use.  I actually took the time to submit a RODUM to point out its uselessness but never heard back. Regards Garry


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