Vale Greg Thomas

I have been advised that Greg Thomas passed suddenly away on Friday 15 June, after suffering a heart attack. As yet I have no other details – will post them here once they become available.

RIP Classmate.

7 thoughts on “Vale Greg Thomas

  1. Another reminiscence of Greg. He and I were desperate to get back to SA for some reason or other. Neither could afford to fly so we decided to hitch. Civies to the outskirts of Canberra and then a change to uniform (much better chances of a ride). We were hoping to go straight down to the Sturt Hwy but the ride we eventually got took us via the back blocks and we were dropped at Darlington Point, in the middle of the Hay Plains, just before midnight. There was absolutely nothing at Darling Point except a mouse plague. At about 2:00am we were finally picked up by a semi with stock crates and once again found ourselves somewhere off the main road loading sheep. We were told to stay in the vehicle and not say anything. We were only too keen to comply because by now we were convinced we had been caught up in something very illegal. Much later that same day we were finally dropped at Tailem Bend where we separated as Greg had to get to Adelaide and I to Gawler. I can’t remember how we got back to RMC which suggests it must have been a straight forward trip.
    On another trip across those same Hay Plains, Greg by now was driving a Beetle fitted with the latest in cruise control technology – a brick. I seem to recall Borcha and John King (‘71) were on that trip.


  2. This is incredibly sad and depressing news. I ran into Greg a couple of months ago at Manuka (might have been in March) – just had a quick chat but he seemed fine, and didn’t mention any issues??


  3. So sorry to hear. Still recall vividly the train trip from Adelaide to Canberra (first class to Melbourne and then cattle class to Canberra whilst the Victorians were in first). Greg taught me – the country yokel – to play poker and then took off me every last cent mum & dad had provided to help me survive.
    RIP mate.


    • Thanks Ian. I’ll pass on anything I get as soon as possible. At this stage, Steve Jones is the point of contact with the family – he advised me of Greg’s death after being contacted by his son.


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