Vale LTGEN (Retd) John Henry Coates, AC MBE

More sad news has just come in that LTGEN (Red) General H. J. Coates passed away on Monday 11 June. His funeral will be on 12 July at the RMC Chapel, Duntroon.

This date has been chosen to allow family and friends from overseas to attend.

A biography is at this link: COATES, John. This was drafted while I was still serving with AAHU and is based on his own unpublished autobiography, as well as an official bio and his Service Records. It should not, however, represented as an ‘official’ biography. There will no doubt be some differences/divergences in views on what is written here.

One thought on “Vale LTGEN (Retd) John Henry Coates, AC MBE

  1. Apart from the usual CSC contact, I have the fondest memories of him sitting in on our Government classes on occasions in 1971 and contributing to our discussions. There were only a few of us in the class but to have Prof Beddie as our lecturer and JHC talking to us and with us, particularly about the Malaya campaign, I found it a fascinating class and felt quite privileged.


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