Initial Advice on Arrangements for Greg Thomas’ Funeral

Steve Jones has passed on the following message:

Today I visited Trish Thomas in her home in Campbell. Trish is in shock from the passing of Greg on Friday afternoon and is finding that she is not up to taking calls at the present time. She has her four children (all adults of course) at home with her at the moment with her eldest daughter having come home from Germany and two from interstate. She also has her siblings coming from Adelaide, so she is well cared for and supported.

The family is yet to set a day for the funeral. As you know it takes some time to complete formalities, especially when the death is unexpected. It would seem that the funeral, when it takes place, will be here in Canberra, probably at RMC. I am in contact with Greg’s son James, so as soon as there is more information I will pass it on. I appreciate that some people may wish to attend from interstate and require as much planning time as possible.

I have passed on the sympathy of the group to Trish and told her that there have been a number of direct expressions of sympathy. She is thankful for the thoughts.

We will keep you informed through this means.

Please pass this message on to any classmates who may be out of the loop, and let them know that further information will be posted as it is received..

4 thoughts on “Initial Advice on Arrangements for Greg Thomas’ Funeral

  1. Thanks Dave and Steve, really appreciate you both keeping us all informed. If you get the chance, please pass our condolences and thoughts to Trish and the family,
    Kym & Robyn


  2. Dear David and Steve,

    Thank you for keeping us posted. Always a sad day to hear such news.

    Please pass on my sincere condolences to Greg’s family.

    Best regards

    Alan McMurran


  3. Every time I think of Greg I remember his great speech to the Bastardisation Investigative Committee in the rec room under the Mess where we were all gathered at the time. I gained strength from this because I knew that I was not the only one suffering that total BS. A fond memory that will last as long as I do. Here’s to you, Greg, and all my condolences to the family, ‘Mates Forever’, Jabber.


  4. Sad times and deepest sympathy for the family. Advice on where a message of condolence can be sent would be appreciated.


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