Duntroon Society

The latest edition of the Society’s newsletter is at http://www.dunsoc.com/viewnewsletter?issue=2-2018-web. Our thanks to our Mike Ryan our Editor and contributors for another terrific edition comprising 27 pages.

Highlights include:

Anzac Day in Baghdad 2009. Marcus Fielding (1986) p. 1.

Bogging 1979-1982 by Allan Murray (1982) p. 6.

Reflections on a Fortunate Career by Clive Badelow (OTU 4/69, and possibly to last serving OTU graduate) p. 9.

A View of Duntroon 1929. Chris Appleton (1978) p. 14.

Some Sentiments are Timeless. Mark O’Neill (June 1988), p. 13.

Reflections of a Recent Graduate. Duane Russell (June 2018).

Rugby Legends. Murray Harley (June 1988) p. 15.

From the DMA. Colonel Len Oei (1995) p. 18.

Updates from the Society’s President, OTU Association and the Branches of the Society from p.19.

A request for information about the RSMs of OCS and OUT from the RMC Sergeants Mess: p.25

Annual General Meeting. The AGM of the Duntroon Society will be held at Duntroon House on Wednesday 24 October 2018 at 2.00 pm. If you wish to nominate for election to the Council of the Society as President, Vice-President, Treasurer; Secretary or one of the two other member’s positions, please advise the Secretary, Tony Maple E: anthony.h.maple@gmail.com NLT 17 October, along with the names and contact details of two members of the Society that support your nomination.

Please continue to reach out to mates past and present to invite them to join us in the Society at www.dunsoc.com/join. If you wish to make a suggestion or discuss any matter concerning the Society, please contact me at dunsoc@central.com.


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