Contact List and Snippets

With the advent of a Class (if not classy) Facebook page and this website, Snippets has ceased to be compiled and distributed. Many thanks go to Ian Callan for his stewardship of the Snippets newsletter for so long.

As a consequence of the cessation of Snippets is that the Contact List on the website is not regularly updated. Graham Smith has volunteered to take over the upkeep of the list, so if any of your details change, please let him know, either on the website email address at or at his personal email address at


2 thoughts on “Contact List and Snippets

  1. Dave,

    I am in the same situation and am unable to access any areas requiring a password. Would appreciate any assistance you could offer.

    Bob Martens


  2. Dave
    I tried to look at the roll book but I need a password to do so. I also need one for other sections of the website. How do I get one?


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