5o Years Ago

Well, 50 years ago tomorrow to be precise. So, anniversary greetings to all those who were and are part of the journey that was (is) the Class of 1972.

A short synopsis of the year that was is at this link: 1969

And as we recognise this milestone, let us remember those who have died along this journey (see https://duntroonclassof1972.com/roll-book/), and keep their families and loved ones in our thoughts.

8 thoughts on “5o Years Ago

  1. Thanks Berry – in some respects it seems like just yesterday, but a whole lifetime ago! Things certainly have changed since then.
    Some great friendships made, and a few great mates lost – but not forgotten.


    • One other thought – I read that Summary kindly provided by Dave – and noted that they report that there were 5 cadets from the NT at RMC in 1969, including 2 in our class. Pretty sure that’s rubbish!! No one else in our class, and I think that only “Obie” O’Brien (2nd Class) had lived in the NT but actually enlisted through Adelaide. I recall being bastardised mercilessly because when asked my Army Number, I said “7149” – and they invariably said “couldn’t possibly be – give me 50”. Arrh, the memories!


    • Dave, thanks to that 1969 Gazette you also just published, there were no “8”s in our class, and Vic Hunt had a Qld number – so he could have been from PNG but enlisted through Brisbane.

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      • Hi Kym,
        Just noticed in a newspaper report of our Graduation, in which home States were listed, that there was none from the NT, but one from Norfolk Island (Bill Greenham).


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