The Loughrey Rifle

Thanks to Bill Houston for passing on the following gem – what an appropriate way to celebrate 50 years!

Late last year the Army held an innovation display.

A featured item was Kev Loughrey’s rifle.  The original was on show, and has now gone back to its home at the Infantry Museum armoury, as it is kept as a firing weapon.

The museum at Duntroon has on display a very detailed 1:1 model of the rifle.  It looks real.

An extract from an AAHU newsletter – with photo – is at this link:  army innovation display – loughrey rifle.

3 thoughts on “The Loughrey Rifle

  1. I was lucky to be able to out to Majura Range with Kevin and actually fire the rifle.
    It was accurate, easy to use and much lighter than the SLR with the same hitting power.
    Kevin’s design was much under-estimated by the “professionals” at EDE who got it canned.


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