Snippets Redux

Archival Snippets have been added to the website at the Snippets page.

A plan is being developed to restart Snippets – thanks to Ian Callan (who has again put up his hand to collate and edit), Graham Smith (for looking after the Class Contact List), and John Elphinston and John McNamara, plus other Queensland Class members, for the initiative.

Initially, an email account has been created for contributions at It will be added to the website for easy access. We are looking to improve options, but more on that later.

Previously Snippets was distributed via email: the optimum way of spreading them in this reincarnation is being discussed: options include by email, or by posting on this website.  We might try a variety of means to test what works, so apologies in advance if you get more than one notice.

I would like to stress the purpose of Snippets, repeating what Ian Callan wrote in Snippets in 2015:

 I think Snippets is best kept for its original purpose which is to inform and keep in contact. If you want to say something send it to me for distribution. I will apply common sense to submissions so the original intent of Snippets is retained. 

So let’s keep Snippets to its original intention: if we don’t it will probably be discontinued. That generally applies to the website and our FB page too: they are for sharing information and keeping in contact, not for political, social or cultural  views, drum beating, slagging or character assassination (or any like activities!)

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