More memories – some perhaps best forgotten?

Thanks to Bill Ross for these gems (that’s my way of deflecting responsibility!). I’m not even going to attempt to put captions to them.

D Muirhead   ME Wk ~1970  P Teys, D Urquhart, D Leyshon- Urq's Party  R Tracey, J Barwick, D Leyshon, D Urquhart ~ 1969  Grad Pde 6

3 thoughts on “More memories – some perhaps best forgotten?

  1. Hi, pretty sure Rod took #1 (I don’t recall officer!!), #3 (Urq’s Party) and #4 (Bar’s Party). Don’t know who took #2 (Mil Engr Week 3rd Class I think) and Grad is self explanatory. What is the past tense plural for Adonis???


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