Yesterday’s photos revisited

Had a go at identifying those graduates in the picture – apologies for any mis-identification! Please let me know.

Grad Pde 6

Right file (back row), from the front:

Tony Borchardt, Dave Urquhart, Frank Edwards, Pat Cullinan, Tony McKenna, Rick Davies, John Black

Centre file: Unknown (partly obscured), Bob Cronin, Bill Ross, Phil Newman, Chris Gibson, Chris Jones

Left file:  Roger Elston, Bill Kearney, Rick MacIntyre, Geoff McPherson, Tony Mcleod

4 thoughts on “Yesterday’s photos revisited

  1. Hi there Dave, thanks for the photo; looks like a pretty good “first cut” guess to me! I’m a bit intrigued though, as I don’t recall having seen the picture before. Good looking blokes eh???? Regards, Rick Mac


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