Was it my fault?

This website is completely apolitical and non-political, so this post is simply to share information, not to make a political point.

The photograph below is from a letter box flyer. The local member on the left is Jeremy Hanson, who was the leader of the Liberals in the ACT Legislative Assembly before the last election. Why I ask is it my fault is that he was my Adjutant (briefly) in 1988, when he was a newly-graduated Lieutenant. He wasn’t with me long before moving on to Regimental duty in a squadron, but I think the experience was enough for him to transfer to RAInf, where he had a very good career.

Interestingly, Guilia’s husband was also an Army officer, an Engineer I think.

Nothing else to say, is there?


2 thoughts on “Was it my fault?

  1. Berry – you obviously had an impact if working for you resulted in a corps transfer to Infantry!! But for most young officers, that should have been the initial choice anyway!

    Warwick and Brenda – looks like you are both in good health! Brenda looking as young as ever! Hope you pushed the pollies for a freeze on rates, or better yet, a discount for retired veterans!


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