NSW/ACT/VIC Zoom Catchup – 1 September

Peter Martyn organised a zoom catch-up for NSW Classmates – and, hearing of this, the ACT Chapter gatecrashed, followed shortly thereafter by the VIC Chapter! In all, 21 attended – can you name them? A congenial session, with only the occasional technical hitch when several tried to speak at once. Perhaps we need some refreshing on our R/T procedure?

A recording of the session is at this link: not sure how long it stays alive.

10 thoughts on “NSW/ACT/VIC Zoom Catchup – 1 September

  1. Most enjoyable catch-up and I think even more appreciated (if that’s possible) by the Victorian contingent which seems to have spent most of the last 18 months in lock-down. I still worry about the obvious ageing of the rest of you, however.


  2. I was happy to view the catch-up this evening.
    Anecdotes were good.
    Good to look back once in a while as we age. Helps put things into perspective. The memories that we retain are a testament to the quality of the intellect of the people involved.
    Kind Regards


  3. Thanks Pete and Dave for the organizing. Looking forward to the next one.
    I hope nobody is planning on me saying much. Point Hut is basically a blank and all that I can recall about the WOSB is flying down from Townsville to Brisbane.
    Cheers Bill


  4. Really enjoyed the Zoom Meeting guys, perhaps a full open one could be arranged.
    Seems to be a lot of contention about who was the ED champion. Frank Edwards thinks it was him and claims I was one behind him. We will probably never find out but well and truly needs investigating.

    Regards to all

    Graham Southern


  5. Dave, Thanks for this and loved the opportunity to listen to the Zoom but lost it around the time Kev talked about the size of UK Taxi Drivers Brains and the complexity of the Chinese Language ! A wonderful initiative . Regards, John Mc

    Sent from my iPad



    • Hi John, Yes, it was a great catch up. We’ll improve with practice. It is a bit reassuring that there are some constants in life – and I’m still overawed by the capacity of some folk’s brain. My just hurts if its extended! David


  6. Can’t name about 50%. Paddy is easy because he’s got a halo around his head, ha ha.

    There is a big outbreak of Covid in Saigon right now. Amost 12K dead, most in the last 3 months. We have all been on strict lockdown for the last 6 weeks, for the last 2 weeks not even being allowed to go to the local shop. We have to try to order on line. It’s wiped out a lot of locals and foreigners here due to lack of any Govt financial support. Later I may venture out to see if I can find anyone tasty lying in the street, ha ha.

    Any chance I can be made an honourary member of the NSW Class group so I can join their Zoom meetings? (Don’t all rush to say ‘Yes’.) Cheers, Jab.


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