Wanted: More contributions for our website

I’m hoping that all classmates will either follow this website or our Facebook page – preferably at the very least website. But I’d also like to add a plea for you to provide more items for the website.

The aim is to try and have the website as a repository of information from our period at RMC so we are looking for photos, Super 8 movies, memorabilia, documentation etc – anything at all of relevance that can add to the collection. Some of it could end up in the book or whatever evolves – Tony McKenna will deal with that but as a repository, its home should be the website.

If you’ve visited the site lately you’ll have noticed that it has undergone a significant renovation, thanks entirely to John Elphinston who took on the task, and who will continue to update and maintain it. If you have anything at all to contribute can you please send it to Elph and he’ll put it onto the website: send to john.elphinston@gmail.com or to rmcclassof1972@gmail.com – or to both. For example Duncan and Warwick – your fathers’ Super8s would be great to have. Don’t forget that as we age, stuff that you might now have could become lost forever unless your spouse/partner/children/grandchildren/ hang onto it. And even if they do, if they don’t know what they are looking at, the value in keeping it becomes almost negligible and the likelihood is it gets thrown out.

We’re not overly interested in individual post-RMC stuff mostly because as it becomes more contemporary the volume of material increases and the relevance to our time at RMC becomes less.  Obvious exceptions are catch ups and reunions, or events of great significance that can relate back to our time at RMC.

If you haven’t had a look at the revamped site, please do so. Any feedback, good or bad is welcome. 

Some points:

  • The website has been significantly revamped
  • It’s the primary repository for photos, videos, photos of memorabilia, documents, anecdotes etc for us to share
  • It’s primarily a record of our time at college except for events like reunions and catch ups
  • Send in whatever you have and share it around the group

And finally, let us know what else you want from the website to improve it.

2 thoughts on “Wanted: More contributions for our website

  1. Hi David, I have lost my password to log in to the website and cannot find a lost password button. Please advise. Cheers Bill

    Sent from my Galaxy


  2. Ignore my last re the Fox report…..I have just noted that it is already posted to the website. I will however submit all the related stuff that I can locate.



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