Reunion Update #8


In providing options for memorabilia, we are planning that all are cost neutral – that is, the costs of production, distribution etc will be reflected in the cost per item, with no additional charge. Should there be a (small) surplus, that will be donated in the Class’s name to a charity such as Legacy or Soldier On.

In indicating your interest in any of the proposals, please email to

When asked, deposits should be made to the account in Kym MacMillan’s name as previously advised. 

Stemless Wine Glasses 

The sample stemless wine glasses seem to have been well received, so we’re on to the next steps. I have been advised by the provider that we can make the text (1969-1972 and Mates for Ever) larger.

As an indication, if we order over 100 glasses, the price per item will be around $7.50, possibly with a small amount to cover postage – say $8. 

The next steps are:

  • You giving an indication, by email, of how many glasses you’d like to receive (as for cap, by 20 July);
  • Once I have those numbers, I’ll ask for pre-payment;
  • Once I have all orders in, I’ll place the order (the sample glasses arrived within a couple of weeks of the order).

The company will retain the art work for three years, so should you manage to break all of your first order, you can obtain more – but note that the unit cost may be higher if the numbers ordered are low.

Rather than have all the wine glasses sent to me in Canberra to distribute, I will be exploring ways of having them sent to regional points (Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne etc) providing this does not impose significant freight costs.


We are seeking interest in the purchase of a cap for use during the reunion period. The main use would be during the parade but of course it could be used at anytime. An image of the cap is attached. The idea is to have the RMC badge on the front; on the left side have the four years 1969-1972; and on the right side our individual cadet number. The cap itself is dark blue with gold as per the image. This cap in this guise is unique.

The cost depends on the number that we order. However, the maximum cost would be $36 each. 

Some we have spoken to indicated that they would buy two, others said that they probably wouldn’t wear it, although they may purchase one. A thought for consideration is that it could be a unique identifier for our group given that we are on a stage with a number of other reunion classes.

Given that there is a three-month ordering time, please indicate your interest by 20 July 2022 – and please include your CSC number – we will cross check against the list on the website. We have to pay the full amount on order.

The Book

Thank you to all those who have contributed so far. The list is growing. We have yet to determine how the book will be produced – both hard copy and ebook, to be done properly, will attract a cost. As for the wine glasses and cap, we plan that this should be cost neutral.


We have previously advised the known costs for planned activities – these being primarily the drinks on Saturday night and the dinner on Monday night. These costs did not factor in other charges, such as AV/sound hire, possible costs of any guests and so on. We are proposing a $10 per head levy to cover these sorts of expenditure (as was done for the 40thanniversary).

Thanks to deposits received so far we do not need this to be paid as yet – we’ll ask for this along with final amounts in due course.

PS. Don’t read anything into it – the number on the sample cap is random – but it belongs to Jeff Brock!

16 thoughts on “Reunion Update #8

  1. Hi Dave

    You guys are doing a sterling job – thanks so much.
    I would like to order 4 glasses and one cap.
    All the best Bill Kearney


  2. Hi Team organises,

    Alan McMURRAN would like to order 4 glasses, and a cap (2712) and the book please….let me know when you require payment?
    Hope its going well for you all….

    Best regards


  3. Hi David,

    Well done on memorabilia.

    Put me down for:

    6 x wine glasses

    No cap

    1 x Hardcopy book

    Mates Forever!



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  5. Hi Dave, Great to see the reunion memorabilia. As to my order, which you requested by 20 July, it is:a. One dozen wine glasses.b. One cap (2664). I can send you a Commonwealth Bank cheque for any deposits as soon as you give me the details. On another topic, how is the Araluin Pub attendance going, if it has good representation we would like to attend,but will need to organize transport from the Canberra Rex.

    Best wishes, Tom  


    • Hi Tom,
      thanks for your order – noted. I’ll sort out the payment shortly – waiting for the 20 July deadline. Apart from you – no response to Araluen. I’ve left it open as a ‘set;f organised’ trip should anyone wish to go, but wet won’t be adding it to the ‘official’ list of events. I have actually been surprised by the number of classmates who’ve said they didn’t go, mostly because there was sports commitment. In my case it was that plus Trish was in hospital with acute appendicitis and that took priority.


  6. I’m hoping this is directed to David Cran…

    Good afternoon David and I hope all is well. Just a very quick question about the caps, specifically what is the fastening/adjusting mechanism in the rear of the cap?

    Regards David Leyshon



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