Changed Menus

Hello Classmates,

Just a note to let you know that we’ve changed some menus around. The underlying aim was to implement password protection on the Class books for the classes of ’69 and ’71 and of course to have it in place for when our own book comes out later in the year.

In an acknowledgment to the past, the menu heading is ‘In the Book!’

We also moved the Roll Book and Snippets under this menu heading and this will be the new home for any other documents that need protection.

The passwords are applicable at the document level, not the menu level so unfortunately you’ll have to put the password in each time you access a restricted item.

Additionally we’ve created a Class List, of everyone who was on our journey at some stage. Yes it is much like the Roll Book but without the contact details. We don’t have everyone’s Company so please let us know if you can fill in any of the gaps.

Not surprisingly ,the new menu item is called Classmates.

And of course you’d be disappointed if I didn’t ask again for photos, and memorabilia. If you have some material and don’t have a scanner, drop me an email and I’ll walk you through how to get the best, free scanner that’s out there.


John Elph

7 thoughts on “Changed Menus

  1. Hi John,

    Gail &I will be attending the July lunch. Barb Callan will be travelling up with us on the train. I have several photos which may be of interest, the original train trip to Queanbeyan on 24 Jan 69, Point Hutt, Easter Rec Camp and 100 days to go. I have them copied to my iPad/phone. Additionally, I have a notebook with newspaper cuttings from the Bastardisation investigation and a copy of Extracts from Hansard sent out on 22 Sep 69 with a limited distribution (50 copies) by the ADJT on behalf of the CO CSC. I will take these to the luncheon.

    Cheers HUGGO

    Sent from my iPad



  2. As the original compiler of the class list and contact details, which I transferred to Callo, and holder of some historical records, I offer the following:

    Bevan (Kap); Bishop (Kap); Dreghorn (Kap); Hill (Ala); Izzard(Kap); Jameson (Kok); Jenkins (Gal); Lawrence (Kok); Martens (Kok); Moody (Kap); Oldfield (Gal); Park (Ala); Parry (Gal); Pattinson (Kap); Price (Ala); Skinner (Kok); Stokes (Ala); Stone (?); Tier (Kok); Tonkin (Gal). Cheers, Geoff

    Sent from my iPad



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