9 thoughts on “Memorabilia

  1. Hi Dave,     Not sure if my order got through on the website about five minutes ago, so here it is; 2 x Glasses,1 x Cap 2669, and 1 x Book.     Apologies for late reply, RegardsPat Cullinan.


  2. Hi Dave

    Sorry for the late reply, as you know I can claim an excuse for being travelling.

    All I’d like to order is one cap – 2676.



    John Elphinston

    127 Moggill Rd

    The Gap QLD 4061

    Mobile: +61 409 440 005


  3. G’Day David,

    Thanks again for the reminder.

    Please order me two Caps (2682) , 6 wine glasses and 1 book.

    Thanks and Regards

    Bill Greenham


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