Calling for Photos of Norm

A short bio of Norm Goldspink will be included in the anniversary book, with a link to a much longer version on our website. But….we are calling for any clear photos of Norm. We do understand that he may not have been the primary subject of our photographic endeavours, but just maybe.

One thought on “Calling for Photos of Norm

  1. Hi Dave.  I don't recall Norm being a class member.  Why does he get a bio to the exclusion of others who made a contribution to our time at RMC?  If you ask me he was a person to be avoided at all costs lest he give me SOL or an ED.  At the most he should get a one liner like " NG was the RSM in our early days at the College and a link to the bio for all that are interested".


    Sent: Sunday, July 17, 2022 at 5:23 PM


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