Confirmation of Memorabilia Orders

Attached is a summary of the orders for memorabilia received so far. If your name is NOTon the list, please let me know as soon as possible if you’d like to order the stemless glasses or a cap –

If your name is on the list, please check your order and please confirm at the same email address as above. In particular, check your CSC Number carefully – we strive for accuracy but sometimes gremlins strike!

The plan is to have glasses delivered to Canberra and Sydney for distribution. The quantities ordered from other locations don’t, unfortunately, warrant the extra freight cost. We’ll try to work out a way to get them to you before the reunion.

As we are well over the 100 order mark for the lowest per item cost for glasses, it is likely that the cost per glass will be less than the $8 quoted, but that won’t be confirmed until after I’ve placed the order.

20 thoughts on “Confirmation of Memorabilia Orders

  1. Thanks Dave, what a great job !!
    My order is correct.
    Would I be able to order a second cap?
    Happy also for you to hold the items until Canberra, if that is easier.
    Kind regards
    Al McMurran


  2. Good evening Dave

    First up to you and the rest of the Committee, on behalf of all classmates, thank you so much for your tireless efforts to arrange our 50th Anniversary Reunion – we really appreciate.

    I would appreciate if the ordered glasses and class cap could be marked for delivery in Canberra – I will make arrangements for our son Brendan to pick up the items – when you know the local details I would appreciate if you please advise me and I will get our son Brendan to liaise and collect.

    Kind regards

    Bill K


  3. Hi David,

    My order details are correct. I am happy for you to hold the items until I come to Canberra for the reunion if that works for you.

    Tony McKenna

    Ph: +61 3 9579 3272

    Mob: +61 (0)435 118 777


  4. Hi Dave, Keep up your great work organizing our 50th Anniversary program – one for the ages ! As regards my wine glass order can you reduce it from 12 to 6 please. On the subject of the “out-of-towners” all staying at the Canberra Rex, as with previousyears when we all stayed at the Ainslie Rex, have we been given a “group booking discount” ? As to the “Return to the Araluen” on Thu 8 Dec do we have any visibility as to who is planningon attending and if it is a viable event, as we would like to go but will need to alter our flight schedule ? Sorry for so many questions. Best wishes, Tom


    • Hi Tom,
      Glasses qty reduced as requested. Most of what you’ve asked was covered in Update #5 – but the was some time ago! The full update is at Essentially, Canberra Rex has confirmed that rooms will be available for between $155 (King Room) to $170 (Crown Suite). The code to use is: CR2022. This code will need to be communicated at the time of booking either by phone on 02 62485311 or email A different rate (perhaps cheaper) may be advertised online which is due to fluctuations based on occupancy levels. However, the above rates will be honoured regardless of the advertised rate. Free cancellation is available up to 24 hours before the day of arrival.

      There has been little take up for a visit to Araluen as an organised event, but of course if any wish to do that it can perhaps be arranged ‘offline’ by individual Classmates


  5. Dear David

    I’d be very grateful if you would put me down for a cap.  That is why I
    have provided my CSC number 2701.

    Many thanks and best wishes



  6. Hi David,

    My order is correct but my name is spelt Urquhart.

    Cheers Urq

    David Urquhart

    7 Mt Vernon Dr

    Kambah ACT 2902

    02 6296 1051 mob 0438 861 051


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