1969 Trivia . . . .

Just when you thought things were going quiet, here’s something to really get your teeth into!

No, it’s not compulsory, far from it; but some classmates have been wondering if someone else can tell them who their fellow 4th class section mates were. I realise it’s been 53 years and most of us have found more interesting things to fill our heads with, but if you can remember the details, could I’d ask you to put them in the comments box and hit RETURN – and I’ll update the table.

Follow this link to the Classmates table https://duntroonclassof1972.files.wordpress.com/2022/07/website-classmates-list-2-2.pdf

Sorry, but there’s no multi million dollar Nigerian bank account for this one.

25 thoughts on “1969 Trivia . . . .

  1. Elph,
    I think it was something like:
    Darryl Patch – 1st Class
    Geoff Gunton – 2nd Class
    John King – 2nd Class
    George Jason-Smith – 3rd Class
    Kym Bagot – 4th Class
    Rick Carter – 4th Class
    and Yours Truly,


  2. Elf,
    Company in 1969 was KOK. Transferred to KAP in 1st Class.
    1969 Loc – Cork Block
    1969 Section 4thies – Davies & Reid
    1969 3rd Class – Bywater-Lutman
    1969 2nd Class – Boyce (Lcpl Sect Comd)
    1969 1st Class – Nil
    1969 Sgt- Cameron
    Cheers, Tony McKenna


  3. Hi John,

    Had to think hard about this. I’m pretty sure I’ve remembered correctly.

    Cork Block upstairs. Fellow 4thies Rod Allan and Gary Scarra; 3rd class Bill Mellor and Noddy Howarth,
    2nd class Jim Rolfe (NZ); 1st Class Steve Yates, Sgt Ray Cameron.


  4. ALA Coy
    Our sect was spread between 2 floors in A61.
    Top Floor: Me, Bob Hill, 3rd Class John Trevivian, 2nd Class and sect Comd – Fat Albert.
    Middle floor: Peter Overstead, 3rd Class Vic Gibbons, and 2nd Class Bob Aley.
    No 1st Class. Don Shea was Pl Sgt
    BTW Steve Despoges still has a copy of the ALA Coy Org from 1969! I’ll see if I can get a copy or encourage Steve to post it.


    • Hi Peter, Thanks for your contribution to the picture. But who was Fat Albert? And please see if you can get teh doco from Steve D


  5. Eric RIGTER
    Other 4th Class: Brennan and Hardman
    Location: Top floor Ack Block
    3rd Class: Milan, Hartman
    2nd Class: Hull
    1st Class: Bryant


  6. Section in 1969 in Beer Block, Ground Floor
    4th – MacIntyre, Goggin and MacMillan
    3rd – Poiner, Clyde
    2nd – Traynor
    1st – Wheeler



  7. Hi John, Couldn’t make the system work on our website.

    Bottom Floor Ack Block 4th Class – Kelly, Coghlan, Pattinson 3rd Class – Mike Hetherington, Neil Hunter 2nd Class – (Sect Comd)  Peter (Zelda) Kahler Pl Comd – David Horner

    Regards Garry


  8. Hi Elf. I probably have the all time record in the history of RMC for company changes. I was in Kok for 69, Gal for 70, 71, and Kap for 72.
    In 69, my section classmates were Norg and Blackie. 3rd Class were Jim Campbell and Bob Bradford. 2nc Class was Bob Crawshaw. 1st Class was Terry Sanders. Location Ground Floor A61. Cheers Jabber.


    • Jim Love
      1969 Loc __ A60 Top
      1969 4thies Bill Houston & ?
      1969 3rd Class Daryl Crunkhorn & ?
      !969 2nd Class Ian McWilliam
      1969 1st class John Bitcon
      1969 Sgt Paul Andrews


      • Hi Jim – goodo to hear from you and thanks for your input. The missing 4thie can be ‘narrowed down’ if they’re the right words, to one of 12 – Jon Mander Jones, Terry Oldfield, Chris Wallace, Peter Tonkin, Shane Stone, Bob Shaw, Greg Parry, Al McMurran (but I think Al was middle floor) Vic Hunt (I think middle floor) Pat Donovan, Tony Borchardt, Geoff McPherson – take your pick!
        Cheers John Elph


  9. Hi Elph, I’m sure you will remember, Michael Braithwaite, for first three years, coke + cigarette and Polly waffle for breakfast, and Les Jenkins. I think we were lucky with our Gallipoli team. Sorry to miss you but the north has some benefits at this time of the year. Cheers Chris

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  10. Hi John,

    I969 I lived in A60 middle level.

    Kev Loughrey, Graham Smith and myself. Our third class were Joff Johnson and Ian (Minnie) Flawith, Second Class was Terry Nautin (DNG), Sect Com was Bob Collins, Pl SGT was Bob Dove

    Cheers, Warwick Elliott


  11. Elph, The system wouldn’t let me comment. Input as follows: Gallipoli Company section bottom floor of A60, Southern end – not sure of the number. 4th Class Tom Cobley, John Croxson and Steve Jones. 3rd Class was Ewan Cameron. 2nd Class Geoff Wilson (who died in a car accident – not much sympathy from us), 1st Class was Ross Harvey.  

    Regards,Steve STEVE JONES Mobile: 0438 671 900


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