Trivia Update 2

We are getting there! It’s testing the old memory and interestingly, coming up with some different recollections.

The latest version is at the Classmates tab on the menu. I’m happy to keep it going if only we could get some more of the missing links – one persons recollection can solve it for 2 others as well.


John Elph

8 thoughts on “Trivia Update 2

  1. Hi John, didn’t notice the request for section details, third class Stew Snell, Greg Cartan, 2nd, Jim Longworth and Kiwi, mental block at the moment, good 2nd class. Will let you know when it clears.
    Chris G


  2. Hi Elph, some comments on the list.

    Barwick was in Anzac Hall not A61. Bowers was not his 2nd Class, although he “cared” for all of us.
    Skinner was also in Anzac Hall, same comment re Bowers.
    Jameson, Brock and Martens were also Anzac Hall.
    The other two CPL (apart form Bourne) were Haddad and Bradd.


  3. Elf,
    My location was Cork Ground. Sgt was Cameron. I note John Skinner claims Steve Yates, whose company we were actually pleased to share in Cork Block.


  4. Hi again John, too much to absorb, but I do note some memories are not quite correct, we will need a think tank to sort them out. For example against Kev Loughrey’s recollection – Bob Dove graduated in 70 so could not be a SGT in 69.

    Sent from my iPad



    • Hi Geoff – that probably wasn’t down to Kev, it could have been that I made a m m m mistake! I remember making another one many years ago . . .


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