Seems like some are having trouble accessing the photos.

There is not meant to be a link between my post and the photos. The post alerts you to a bulk upload of photos and you have to find them yourselves.

To do that go to the Gallery menu tab and pick any of the menu tabs under it depending what you want.

For the Fourth Class tab, there are no photos under the root level – there are about 6 or 7 sub menus under the Fourth Class tab and that is where those photos are. The sub menus will appear to the right, the left or underneath, the Fourth Class menu tab, depending on what sort of computer/ipad/phone device you are using.

I hope this helps – if not let me know. Cheers

3 thoughts on “Photos

  1. Elf, Comment on some photos 1972 – no 34 – comment for the Bum Sniffers – “Is that where they want us to stick our heads?” – no 49 – odd that Muirhead, Black and Jones are only wearing 2 stripes as we were Sgt in 72. – no 53 – this must be 71 as Beckingham and Boyle had Graduated by72. – nos 22 & 24 – anyone recall who this WO11 is that I was in deep conversation with – he might have a Sappers Lanyard.

    Well done on gathering all of these

    Regards John Black From iPad



    • Hi John – Thanks for this. I’ve fixed no 53 but cannot help with the other ones. I noticed the strange ranks when I put that one up there but don’t know the answer. Cheers


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