Probable email hack

Several folk have received an email purporting to be from Tom Cobley, titled “reaching out’ and reading something like:

“Hi, I hope this email finds you well. Could you please email me back? I need a favor from you. Thanks,


As this is probably some sort of hack or scam, I suggest you leave this well alone. I have emailed Tom to alert him.

2 thoughts on “Probable email hack

  1. Thanks Roger, I need you to help me get an Amazon Gift Cards from any store close to you or better still online from Amazon, I tried to purchase it myself but I’ve got issues with the payment, I want to get it for a friend of mine, she’s diagnosed with stage 4 mesothelioma cancer, it’s her birthday today, I’m just trying to put a smile on her face.
    Kindly write back if you can handle this for me. — Tom


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