Reunion Update #11

The program for our 50th Anniversary is pretty much now in place.

Now, despite its title, it is not yet totally set: as you can see there is still some minor detail to be sorted. We’ll follow up with updates as that information is available.

A few points:

The Friday night drinks will be at Olims – this is within stagger distance of the Rex for those staying there. The planning team thinks it gives better options for casual meals and chats than the Kingo for a biggish group.

The memorial service for our deceased classmates will be held at General Bridges grave, at this stage planned for 1100. We are looking at a wet weather option.

The response to the Sunday lunch at the Arboretum was overwhelming – unexpectedly so. This meant that the venue became unsuitable for our purposes. We are therefore planning to locate the activity at the Canberra Southern Cross Club Yacht Club on Lake Burley Griffin. This will likely be crowded on a Sunday if the weather is fine, but there is lots of public space between the club and the lake for us (and no doubt others!) to spread. This is an informal opportunity for relaxed catch ups, with meals and drinks available. If it’s wet – a possibility – there is room inside.

So far 20 have indicated attendance at the tour of RMC, and 12 wish to view their records. If you are not on either list and want to take part, please let us know. The museum has indicated that they will put on a comprehensive display of memorabilia and documents specific to our time there.

A final attendance list is below: please check it out. If you are not on the list, and haven’t been contacted, we are not expecting you! If you are on the list and not attending (even if some events) – please let us know. And if you’d like to join the RMC tour, and/or see your records, and that is not on the list, again let us know. The museum in particular go out of their way to provide exhibits, including scrap books and other memorabilia which may not be usually on display.

19 thoughts on “Reunion Update #11

  1. Hello Dave
    Tony McKenna and I spoke about getting a hard copy of the yearbook to John Skinner and sending him one. I am going to Perth next week and would like to deliver one to him if he can give me one please. Regards Norts 0402962837


  2. Hi Dave.

    Why is the dress for the dinner jacket and tie?
    I haven’t worn a tie for years. I don’t intend to wear one on the night.
    Surely we can all be trusted to dress appropriately without arbitrary restrictions.
    Peter McCann


    • Peter, You can wear your PJs if that’s what you want! Advice on dress is primarily to give our ladies a heads up. There will be no dress police, and you won’t be excluded from photos on the basis of what you’re wearing.


      • Hi Rod
        Very please you’ll be with us. The total cost is $130 per head for the dinner, and $30 per head for the drinks – a total of $160 per head if you are attending both. Please transfer funds to Kym MacMillan’s Bahamas Holiday Account. Bank details are as follows: BSB: 06 2692 Acct No: 4995 6261 Name: Reunion Please clearly identify your deposit with your name. The drinks on Saturday night – our first ‘formal’ function will have canapés provided with drinks bought over the bar. The Monday dinner is all inclusive drinks and food package. Both those events are over a four hour period. Friday night drinks, and Sunday lunch are pay as you go.


  3. Hi David, Once again thank you to you and the organising team – the program looks great. A request : we would like our daughter who lives in Canberra to join us on the Duntroon tour- is this permissible?

    I also reconfirm that i would like to see my personal records.

    Vivienne and I plan to be at all the events on the program.

    Reference the canapes on Saturday and Dinner on Monday please note reference dietary needs : Vivienne is Gluten Free.

    Cheers John


  4. Hi David, Two amendments from my end please.

    I am not attending Lunch on Sunday.

    Joanne is not attending any events.

    Apologies if I was unclear.

    Looking forward to it.


    Jon Mander-Jones


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