Urgent Request

Tony McKenna is missing photos of Classes 3-1 and 3-2 for the book. Can anyone help? This is a bit urgent, as to have the books printed by our anniversary in December the proof needs to be at the printer by Wednesday!

4 thoughts on “Urgent Request

  1. Hi Cranberry, Trust you are well. I have spoken to Paddy Ryan about the details of my presentation at the dinner and all is well. As regards your request for Class 3-1 and 3-2 photographs surely the RMC or RMC archives will hold copies. I thought this when you were trying to find out who was in the various sections in all the companies some months ago. If the RMC archives are happy to provide copies of our “personal files” surely they will be happy to provide the other details ? Just a thought! Cheers, Tom 


  2. Hi Dave

    My only thought would be the Photographic Club at RMC – we used to keep everything that we thought might become important.

    Kind regards

    Bill K


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