Callo Update

Received from Barb yesterday
Last week Ian had a little speed bump in his recovery.  He had severe pain in his chest and once admitted to hospital he had a CT scan to determine the problem. It was a blood clot in the lung.  The Doctors upped the strength of his his blood thinning medication and blood pressure medication.  Unfortunately this resulted in severe bleeding so a partial colonoscopy was given to find the problem area.  It was the primary tumour.  After settling this down he left hospital after 5 days.
The full medical suite of specialists then discussed the way forward.
What was decided was to miss one round of chemo, replace it with a 5 day regime of intensive radiotherapy on the primary cancer. Radiation treatment will commence on Monday
This will shrink the tumour and hopefully eliminate future bleeding as well as prepare it for removal in 5-6 weeks.  In the intermediate time chemo will be continued, medications continued. This will result in the oncologist being able to concentrate on treating the liver.
During discussions with the Radiation Oncologist today he remarked on the remarkable shrinkage of the primary and secondary cancers.  So still good news on that front.
Ian and I now feel even more confident that the good results will keep on coming.
Thanks for your continuing support and contact.  They mean a lot to Ian and to me.

PS our house is now on the market for our move to Vantage apartments in November.

and a follow up from Ian today:

The Vantage apartments are being built and expected completion is late Oct with move in date of mid November. The best place to find the development is to Google Vantage Gold Coast and go to the website.  Our apartment is a G type on the 8th floor.


Callo Update – more good news

Today I received great news from my Oncologist.  Cancer markers have now been normal for 4 weeks and going lower.  Today was my 10th and final treatment to get the Stage 4 colon rectal cancer under control.
The next chemo treatment regime will be for the maintenance of the cancer at or below current levels. No details of this regime as yet because it will be based on my next blood test in two weeks. All I know is that it will mean a shorter infusion time at the clinic (has been 5 hours every fortnight), possibly a longer cycle and not include Oxaliplatin the only drug giving me some minor side affects.  Happy days.

Callo’s Late Birthday Present

Callo recently celebrated his 70th birthday in great style…as you would expect.

Screen Shot 2020-06-02 at 9.22.24 pm

Well, almost great style.

Screen Shot 2020-06-02 at 9.21.40 pm

But the best present of all has just arrived, in Ian’s own words:

“Today at my chemo I found out that all of my cancer markers have now returned to normal. Yeehaa. Only the markers for liver function/damage remain abnormal. These will now slowly return to normal as the liver regenerates with treatment. Good news indeed.  

With many thanks to all for your support


That takes the cake!

Screen Shot 2020-06-02 at 9.30.29 pm



Great News from Ian & Barb Callan

Message just in:

“Very happy to advise good news. Results of CAT scan proved that all cancers have shrunk significantly. Oncologist said “progress was remarkable” after only 3 months chemo. Ian is almost back to normal and although chemo will continue fortnightly for the foreseeable future l am happy as currently Ian has no major side effects. Thank you for all your ongoing support it is very much appreciated. Happy to say this is our last fortnightly report unless things change. Ian and Barb”

Callo Update

Message from Barb Callan today:
“Chemo Tuesday again.
Results from this weeks blood tests are all good news. Now we are halfway through the 6 months of treatment and before his next treatment on 5th May he will have a CT scan and they will then reassess how things are progressing.”
We we can only hope (all of us) and pray (those of us that do!) that this keeps on that trend line.

Callo Update

Barb has just sent through some better, optimistic news (on her birthday): “Some good news from Oncologist this morning re Ian’s cancer 3 out of 6 critical markers are normal however remaining 3 are high but less than 50% of what they were 2 months ago. So we are encouraged. Its nice to have some good news to share in these difficult times. ”


Encouraging update on Callo

John Black has passed on the following message from Barb Callan

Ian’s levels have again come down this fortnight and the doctor is very pleased. Because he has tolerated the chemo they have now increased the dose of all three drugs. We are pleased still a long way to go but everything is moving in the right direction
Pls feel free to share this good news

Some bad news from Callo

Callo has asked that the following bad news be passed on. We all wish him, Barb and their family our unequivocal support at this time.

I would like you to let the Class know that sadly I have been diagnosed with Stage 4 Bowel Cancer. To say that Barb and I are stunned is a huge understatement.
Six months ago I had my usual yearly medical, including a bank of blood tests and poo tests. The results put everything at normal if not better.  Not one hint that anything was wrong.
Last week, after some symptoms of discomfort, a colonoscopy, MRI and CT scans revealed the previously undetected bowel cancer had spread to the liver.  This is an incurable cancer. It was only discovered by a colonoscopy.
Chemo starts next week in fortnightly doses and is designed to shrink the cancers and improve my quality of life.
It is hard to believe only 3 weeks ago we were on holidays with the grandkids in the caravan and this week we receive this news. Rest assured Barb and I remain positive and determined to fight this together.
This note is written not to seek your sympathy but simply to inform you all.
Mates Forever,