1969 Trivia Update 1

An updated Class List is now on the website and many thanks to all those who provided information. I have sent the odd individual note, but please accept this as a general word of thanks. Apologies to those who tried to comment through the website but struck difficulties – let me know or give me a call and together we’ll get to the bottom of it.

So we have nearly 70% completed – once again a plea to all to check the new information, and ad or correct it where you can. You can find the updated list it by viewing the Class List on the Classmates tab of the menu.

A special thanks to Steve Despoges for sending in an original ’69 org chart for Alamein – I’ll put it up in the Gallery shortly.


John Elph

10 thoughts on “1969 Trivia Update 1

  1. Hi Elph.

    Wow. Good way to bring back some memories, good and bad.
    I was in Anzac Hall (A platoon of Kokoda plus CHQ).
    4th Class: Ian McNaughton, Edwards. 3rd Class: Al Hunter and Tony Rumball. 2nd Class: Hugh Bowers and Stu Hawkins (the only 2nd Class who wasn’t bad, but Bowers more than made up for it) Denzil Bourne was the CPL.
    My room was also next door to the A/Q LCPL. First six months was Chas Crawford, second six months was Al McClelland.
    CQ across the corridor: “Avachat “Stewart and CSM opposite him: Pollflanders.
    Buddha Howell was the Pl SGT.

    Good job Elph.




  2. Elph, A couple more items A61 Ground Sgt was Mick Castle. Bruce Teir was A61 Ground in Section with Don Muirhead Rick Franklin was A61 Ground in Section with Bruce Teir and Don Muirhead. Their Section Cpl was John McWhinney. So Section Cpl in A61 Ground we’re Bob Crawshaw, Greg Park and John McWhinney.

    More to follow if I can remember it. Hope others are contributing.

    Regards John Black From iPad



  3. Hi Elph,

    Typo on my part or yours:

    My 3rd Class were Molan and Hartman. (Not “Milan” as caused by a slip the finger.)



  4. Hi Elph.

    The List has me on Kok. That is insulting. I was in Kapyong. But I cant remember anyone in the section. Sad really.


    • Hi Lindsay – mate I trust you are outrageously insulted and not just mildly insulted! But you’ll be pleased to know that I’ve worked with the editorial team, the union, government representatives, and management and after some very tough negotiations, I’ve managed to convince them to change your listing to Kap. So you can rest easy. All part of the service. Cheers John Elph


  5. Elph, Tried to reply with comment but that failed. For 2653 Black – 69 Section should read Southon, Jones CA For Southon – 69 Section should read Black, Jones CA.

    Good job otherwise.

    Regards John Black From iPad



  6. Hi John,

    I think I forgot to put my name on my response. I was the cork block upstairs submission.

    Cheers Urq

    David Urquhart

    7 Mt Vernon Dr

    Kambah ACT 2902

    02 6296 1051 mob 0438 861 051


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